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Hunting Sling 

Keeping Your Hunting Gear Well-Stocked

When you get ready for your trips out to the tree stand, you know the importance of having all your hunting gadgets, including your hunting sling. If you're an archer, you have your wrist sling set up and ready to go. You likely have a portable cell phone charger, sunscreen, bug spray, and more to ensure that you have the most enjoyable day possible in your tree stand while waiting for deer to approach.



One thing that you may not have as a part of your hunting kit is an item retrieval tool. We've all been there: you're on your cell phone while in the tree stand, checking on how things are going at home or work. Somehow, the phone slips out of your hand, and you hear it hit the ground with a thud. You're left with two choices: go the rest of the day without your phone, or climb down to get it and disturb the nearby animals. An item retrieval tool means that you don't have to make this decision any longer. An item retrieval tool silently and quickly picks up your dropped items, returning them to you without you ever having to leave your tree stand.



Along with your hunting sling and wrist sling, be sure that you pack an item retrieval tool next time you head into the woods for a hunting trip. You may not think you need one, but you'll thank your lucky stars that you have one when you drop your phone.

The All Purpose Hunting Retrieval Tool

The Silent Retriever

You Drop It We Got It

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