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Hunting Retrieval Tool 

Hunting Gear: Why Your Retrieval Tool Matters

As a hunter, you know how relaxing it can be to enjoy the great outdoors from your tree stand. As you wait quietly, you lay out your tools of the trade. While you take every precaution to stay silent and not alert nearby animals to your presence, items will inevitably fall out of your tree stand from time to time.

If you don't have the proper hunting gear, you may find yourself climbing down from your tree stand to get your hunting gear back together, or you may decide to simply do without the dropped item. Both sides have their downfalls: if you choose to get down from your tree stand to get the item, you run the risk of alerting nearby animals to your presence. If you don't go get the item, you have to do without until it's time to come back down to the ground.


A hunting retrieval tool can eliminate the need to move at all when you drop something from your tree stand, and cool bonus - it's entertaining! When you drop an item from your tree stand, you'll simply lower your hunting retrieval tool to pick up the item. A high-quality hunting retrieval tool is a piece of hunting gear you can't afford to do without. You'll be able to pick up almost anything from the comfort of your tree stand without having to alert animals nearby that you're waiting.



Some retrieval tools are noisy and are just as effective as climbing down out of the hunting stand to get what you need. A silent retriever is key for ensuring that your presence remains undetected as you grab your fallen object. Our silent retriever can pick up almost any object, from a canteen to a cell phone. You may find yourself dropping things just to see whether you're able to pick them up!



We offer several different types of retrievers, designed to meet your unique hunting needs. We recommend purchasing our complete retriever kit to ensure that you have all the tools you may potentially need to retrieve dropped objects.



As a hunter, you know that your time in the woods is sacred. It's a chance to get away from it all, to relax, and to feel accomplished at the end of the day. After you've put in hard work to finding the perfect tree stand and getting all of your hunting gear organized, the last thing you want to do is have to begin the process of becoming invisible to animals all over again. A hunting retrieval tool gives you the quiet help that you need to stay concealed.

The All Purpose Hunting Retrieval Tool

The Silent Retriever

You Drop It We Got It

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