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Hunting Gadget Kit 

What To Pack In Your Bow Sling

As an archer, you appreciate the art of hunting. You know that it's not just about sitting in the woods - it's about connecting with your instincts to provide. You want to do your job as efficiently as possible, and that's why you have a well-stocked hunting gadget kit. While you likely already know your hunting gadget kit essentials, you're always on the lookout for something new that could make your hunting experience easier.



Your bow sling is the perfect place to store your hunting gadget kit. As you sit in your tree stand, you likely go through your hunting bow sling, laying out the items you'll need. Sunscreen is a staple in a hunting bow sling. There's nothing worse than being out for a weekend hunting trip and returning on day two with a killer sunburn. You likely keep sunglasses and a hat as well, just in case the sun becomes too much to bear. Most hunting gadget kits also contain items to help keep bugs at bay. As a hunter, you know the importance of staying completely still when a deer gets close. It's key to be able to maintain your composure in areas riddled with mosquitoes, and this can be hard to do if you're swatting and scratching.



A silent item retriever is an important part of any well-stocked hunting bow sling. No matter how careful you are in your tree stand, it's likely that you drop items from time to time - it happens to the best of us. While dropping an item is bad enough when it comes to spooking the animals, climbing down from the stand to retrieve the object is much worse. A silent item retriever allows you to pick up dropped items without ever having to leave your perch. If you don't have an item retriever in your hunting bow sling yet, be sure to pick one up before your next venture out to the tree stand.

The All Purpose Hunting Retrieval Tool

The Silent Retriever

You Drop It We Got It

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