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Season Opener 2019

The Tool That Works!!

Dropped Phone!!

Game Over

Doesn't Spook Deer

We all drop stuff.  It just happens.  It's dark, you just got  locked in and as soon as the sun starts to come up, you see your head net laying on the ground -- 25ft below!!! This used to be a problem for the deer hunter, but not anymore with The Silent Retriever Gadget Getter.  retrieving a dropped object is as easy as 1, 2, 3! With our Silent Retriever you can get that dropped head net back, quickly and silently, without having to climb back down the tree!! Bow hunting is tuff enough save yourself a trip down the tree with The Silent Retriever.

CEO Kevin Van Camp

PH# 985-479-0660

I phone retrieval tool for hunters.

The All Purpose Hunting Retrieval Tool

The Silent Retriever

You Drop It We Got It

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