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Climbing Equipment

Climbing Equipment - Essential Hunting Gadgets Every Hunter Needs

As a hunting tree climber, you love finding a new hunting gadget and taking it into the woods to try it out. There are many different options for hunting equipment, and the must-haves change every year as hunting technology becomes more advanced. No matter what your favorite hunting gadget is, it's likely that you enjoy the peace and serenity of the woods that you get you to experience while you're hunting. Each hunting gadget and piece of climbing equipment featured here are meant to help you enhance your experience in the outdoors while you're hunting.



When you're working your way through the woods to your tree stand, your climbing equipment must be lightweight. Hunting is tiring, and the last thing you want to do is lug fifty pounds of gear back and forth from your vehicle to your tree stand. If you hunt in areas where mosquitoes are a problem, you know the importance of dousing yourself with high-quality bug spray before you start your trek. If you're like many hunters, however, you may have some concerns about using bug spray. First, many sprays have a strong scent. You may be concerned that deer could catch wind of the smell and be spooked away. Many sprays come in an aerosol can that can be noisy when activated, making it possible that deer could run the other way as you attempt to protect yourself from mosquitoes. The solution? A bug repellant vest. These popular items are lightweight. A small electrical charge heats an insect repellant pad that disperses a repellent that is undetectable to deer. You stay free from mosquitoes, and the deer are none the wiser that you're hanging out in your bug-free tree stand.



Another important piece of climbing equipment is an item retriever tool. We've all been there: you settle into your tree stand and you're relaxing, taking in your surroundings, and getting settled. After half an hour or so, you start to feel antsy. You pull out your phone to send a text or read an article. Somehow, your phone slips through your fingers to the ground below. You're faced with a few different choices, none of which have ideal outcomes. You can climb back down from your tree stand to the ground, likely alerting animals nearby of your presence. Once you hit the ground, you'll need to rustle through leaves to find the item that you dropped, and then climb back up into your tree stand. Doing this even one time can be the difference between a successful hunt and going home empty-handed. Your other option is to leave your phone on the ground until it's time to leave your tree stand for the day. While this may be fine if it's toward the end of the day, it cuts off contact with your loved ones and may leave you bored, not to mention unaware of the time.



The answer: the hunting gadget known as The Silent Retriever. This small piece of climbing equipment was made for hunters to be able to pick up dropped items without disturbing their environment. There's no need to sit in your stand without your phone for hours on end just because you're a little bit clumsy. The Silent Retriever can quickly and quietly get your dropped item back into your hands, where it belongs.

The All Purpose Hunting Retrieval Tool

The Silent Retriever

You Drop It We Got It

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